How Diversified is your Portfolio Compared to an Institutional Investor?

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Firstly, do you currently hold any public market equity investments? (i.e. stocks, mutual funds, ETFs)

Next up - do you hold any public market REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) in your portfolio?

Do you currently hold any public market fixed income?

These are often referred to as Government Bonds or Corporate Bonds and can be held directly or through fixed income mutual funds or fixed-income ETFs. You may also hold or be familiar with GICs.

Now, do you currently hold any hedge funds, options or derivatives?

These are unique investment vehicles sometimes used to increase or decrease the risk and return of an investor's portfolio.

, do you hold any private equity investments?

These are shares or ownership in private businesses which do not trade on public markets.

Do you currently hold any commodities or commodities futures?

Gold, silver, oil and wheat are examples of commodities that are often invested in.

Do you currently hold any private real estate investments such as full or partial ownership of rental properties, real estate developments or private REITs?

Do you hold any private fixed income investments?

These are private loans or mortgages which can be lent directly or through funds.

Some investment strategies require more capital than others, please indicate your approximate level of financial assets (combined investments) below:

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