Who We Are &
What We Do:

A Different Approach To Investment Real Estate

Real Estate...

The best investment the world has ever known. Wars have been waged for it… love stories written about the ownership of its boundaries, and empires built on its foundation. People have lost everything because of it, yet real estate continues to prevail. Now is the time to make the world of real estate investment SIMPLE.

What We Do

For over a decade, The Simple Investor has provided opportunities for our client investors to own fully managed, cash-flowing, tenanted investment properties without any of the hassles or risks of being a landlord. Our management company, SIREG Management Inc., handles all of the day-to-day aspects of the properties including rent collection, repairs, tenant management, and much more. As an investor, you simply receive your net rent each month, without fail, regardless of vacancies. We continue to stand behind our promise of no missed rent, ever.

How it Works

Using the same equation that real estate investors have used for centuries, we put our expertise to work sourcing stable, affordable properties in growing communities.  With many of the risks of being a landlord removed from your life, you can begin to use the power of leverage to build a stable portfolio of cash flowing properties.  Our rental guarantee is unmatched in the industry and provides ultimate peace of mind.

The Simple Equation

Equity Appreciation + Mortgage Pay Down + Cash Flow

We didn’t invent this.  We just made it SIMPLE.  Whether you want to have freedom of choice in your retirement, pay for elderly care or your children’s education, investment real estate can get you there.

The Difference

We ARE different!  First and foremost, you own your unit.  It’s yours.  It is not a share or a percentage.  Second, we have a keen focus on a mature tenant demographic in order to keep turnover and maintenance costs down.  And the best part?  Your rent is guaranteed each and every month, regardless of any vacancies; we are NOT a rental pool.  Want another reason? You never have to deal with your tenant, ever.  Our agreement is with you, and we will manage your unit for as long as you own it.

14 Years

1000s of Investors

35,000 Individual Rents Being Paid Each Month

Not A Single Month Of Guaranteed Rent Missed

Want to learn more about real estate?

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