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Thursday, January 17th, 2019 at 7:00pm

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Own Worry-Free investment properties today, with no missed rent. Ever.

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What we do?

We make it SIMPLE! The Simple Investor offers affordable, fully managed, fully tenanted, condominium investment properties. You own the property, we handle the rest.


Why are we different?

Ownership. Tenants. Management. Guaranteed Rent.

Simple Equation

How does it work?

Real estate is the safest & most secure investment proven over time. We can show you how, with just one property, you can start to create a solid, asset-based portfolio to secure your financial future.

100% Ownership

Fully managed, tenanted, condominium properties.
Creating asset-based wealth for your future.

Transparent Simple Seminar

Now it’s your turn.

Come to our seminar and find out how simple it really is.

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