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Learn All About Real Estate from The Simply Real Estate Video Series

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Ask Yourself One Question:
"Will I have enough money for retirement?"

The unfortunate reality is… most Canadians between the age of 45 and 65 won’t…
According to CIBC and Statistics Canada, the average Canadian:

with a registered pension plan dropped from around 50% in the 1970s to 37% today

believes they need to have at least $756,000 saved for retirement

will have $345,000 saved. 50% of Canadians will have under $250,000 saved, and 32% will have nothing saved!

So, will you have enough money for retirement?

Because Life Happens… and you need to be ready!

How we can help you on your journey:

If you partner up with us, you can watch your net-worth grow and gain full financial security through the world’s most powerful asset… brick and mortar! You can own worry-free investment properties today, with no missed rent. Ever.

What we do?

We make it SIMPLE! The Simple Investor offers affordable, fully managed, fully tenanted, condominium investment properties. You own the property, we handle the rest.

Why are we different?

Ownership. Tenants. Management. Guaranteed Rent.

How does it work?

Real estate is the safest & most secure investment proven over time. We can show you how, with just one property, you can start to create a solid, asset-based portfolio to secure your financial future.

At The Simple Investor You Get 100% Ownership

Fully managed, tenanted, condominium properties. Creating asset-based wealth for your future.

Step 1: Buy

Buy a condominium property

Step 2: Hold

Benefit from positive cash flow while the property appreciates in value

Step 3: Repeat

Use equity from the appreciation of the property to buy more properties and repeat the process

Not Sure If Real Estate Is Right For You?

We’ve all got our own lives, and have to deal with unique financial situations. What are YOUR goals? Book a meeting with Todd C. Slater, president of The Simple Investor, to run the numbers and figure out the fastest way to get you to there!

Want to learn more about real estate?

Join us at our free Simple Seminar and find out how simple it really is! Check back for upcoming seminar dates!

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