Our Management

The Simple Investor along with our management company, SIREG Management Inc., offers the perfect balance for investor, tenant, and property management

Smaller SIREG-Management

Our friendly, on-site Client Managers handle all of the day-to-day management of the properties and the tenants so you don’t have to.  You will never receive a call from your tenant, or have to replace a toilet on a Sunday.  If something goes wrong, we get the call.

As a Simple Investor, you simply sit back and watch your investment grow

Our affordable Simple Fund guarantees your monthly rent even if your unit is vacant.  We also cover repairs and maintenance on your individual unit along with tenant turnover, move ins and outs & all aspects of property management.  All of this for only 50 – 100 dollars per month depending on the property.

Our Management Agreement is in plain English, not contract mumbo jumbo

so you’ll always know where you stand. Hey, we get it if you prefer to manage your properties yourself, and we think that’s great!  But if you’d rather not, or if you want to add to your portfolio without adding to your workload, then we offer total hands-off management and complete peace of mind.  Only from SIREG Management Inc. and The Simple Investor.