Why you SHOULD buy Real Estate in the Upcoming Recession | Ep. 4

We've got to talk about what's going on in the economy, and we have some staggering news coming across just about every single news source in the world. Everybody's calling recession, and right now. Taking a look at the bond yields there is an inverted market. What does that mean? That means returns are going down on the bonds and everything's pretty much backwards.

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Is Land Banking As Profitable As Other Real Estate Strategies? | Ep. 3

Last week we talked about Real Estate Speculation, and we, specifically, looked at how houses and other buildings can be a good investment. This week we're looking at speculation from a different perspective. We are going to discuss Land Banking, the buying and selling of land, and all the different strategies you can use to make it as profitable as possible. However, before we can get to that of course, we have to discuss this week's latest Real Estate news.

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Guide to Real Estate Investment | Ep. 1

Welcome to Simply Real Estate w/ Todd C. Slater, The Simple Investor's new video series! On this series you will be able to learn everything about Real Estate in Canada, the United States, and the rest of the world from Canada's best while also keeping up with the latest Real Estate news.

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