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Quite simply, a thought provoking & educational seminar in a unique, no pressure environment.  There are many opinions on investment real estate, and we cut through the complexities to illustrate exactly how it creates sustainable wealth over time.  We explore the various options people have for investing, including an overview of The Simple Investor and how we can help.  Suitable for both the novice and experienced investor, we cover:

Why should people own investment real estate?

What makes real estate such a good investment?

How investment real estate works to create wealth and compare it to traditional methods of retirement savings

Where should you buy investment real estate? (Hint, it’s not where you think)

When is the best time to buy investment real estate?


The Simple Seminar is NOT a high pressure, manipulative sales environment.  In fact, we have no books, courses or dvds for sale.  We offer real world information you can use today, as well as opportunities to own an investment property in one of our developments

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